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Video: Driver of a Bugatti Veyron backs into a Toyota

Posted on 10.15.2010 20:00

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“Oh. My. God.”

If you listen carefully, you’re going to hear a woman utter these words after witnessing the driver of a Bugatti Veyron back into a Toyota on the street. The woman may have captured the whole episode with those three words, but no words can really explain the level of stupidity of how this driver ended up damaging a $1.6 million supercar.

If the crash wasn’t bad enough, the driver even manages to scrape the front of the supercar twice, once before the crash and another one after.

Apparently, the driver was on his way to test drive the car when the crash occurred. Turns out, not only did he get further than a block with it, but word has it that he ended up having to pay for the damage, which cost over $30,000.

This is probably the most expensive ‘test drive’ we’ve ever heard of.

Video: Driver of a Bugatti Veyron backs into a Toyota originally appeared on on Friday, 15 October 2010 20:00 EST.

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