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Video: Commercial planes make for an awesome ‘race’

Posted on 02.27.2011 20:53

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We never see this sort of thing happening so you should excuse us for getting a good laugh out of this. Now, obviously, this wasn’t a real drag strip run-around race by two commercial planes – we shudder to think the ramifications of something like that actually happening – so we don’t expect the FAA to have their jaws drop on the floor with what could have been a laundry list of violations.

What it appears to be is a foreign commercial that pits two sets of pilots from competing airline carriers together to try to figure out which could run the length of the tarmac and around back to the hangar in the quickest possible time.

The ’race’, as some of you would call it, comes with tons of stunts that should never be done in a real-world setting. Unless of course some pilot has the cojones to perform donuts with a full-sized commercial plane, then we’re pretty content seeing a commercial show just how its done – even if there’s some post-production magic done it.

Laugh with us, folks! Check out the video and enjoy the ’race’!

Video: Commercial planes make for an awesome ‘race’ originally appeared on on Sunday, 27 February 2011 20:53 EST.

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