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Video: BMW highlights the ‘Future of Mobility’ in “Wherever You Want To Go” documentary

Posted on 02.19.2011 18:00

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Ever imagine what the future of mobility is going to be like?

Strange as it sounds, the future really is a matter of perception mixed in with a dose of reality, one where you perceive something based on what your idea of the future is while keeping in mind the limitations of what the present holds. In the auto industry, the search on how forms of transportation will evolve based on new technological advancements and how they’re going to affect the future is a not much of a question in people’s minds as it is putting the advancements done to good use.

BMW’s four-part mini-documentary titled “Wherever You Want To Go” tackles the important questions people might have of what future mobility is going to be like. In the third installment of the documentary, the question on how it’s going to affect mobility is being answered in ways that not many people expected would be answered this soon. Granted, “technological advancements” as per the phrase is still a matter of subjection that should be put in the proper context, but the possibilities of what the future holds are now bigger than its ever been.

Check out the full story, plus Parts 1 and 2 of the “Wherever You Want To Go” documentary, after the jump.

Video: BMW highlights the ‘Future of Mobility’ in "Wherever You Want To Go" documentary originally appeared on on Saturday, 19 February 2011 18:00 EST.

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