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Video: AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 5

Posted on 08.1.2011 18:00

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Four-time Grand Am champion and Speed Channel host, Tommy Kendall, returns for the fifth episode of Mercedes USA’s AMG Driving Academy Performance Series. After detailing a number of important techniques in the past four episodes – AMG Driving Academy instructor, Don Harple, helped out in episode 4 – Kendall now turns his attention to teaching us the importance of the racing line and how to maximize your lap by using it as often as you can.

Being adept in using the ’line technique’ goes a long way in becoming a great driver. As Kendall says, “there’s an infinite number of lines in a race track, but there’s only one that’s fastest”.

Taking this to heart, finding the track’s racing line not only minimizes the number of times you turn the wheel – the more you turn, the slower you become – but also allows you to hit corners quickly and exit without losing any speed. The key, according to Kendall, is to use every inch of the track at your disposal. You start out wide as you enter the corner and turn inside all the way to the apex, or the clipping point before drifting to the exit point.

The most important thing in line technique is to think a couple of moves ahead and see where all three sections of a corner are before you hit them. That way, you can carefully gauge your move before you actually do it, saving you precious time and speed in the process.

Video: AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 5 originally appeared on on Monday, 1 August 2011 18:00 EST.

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