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Toyota RAV4 EV Priced from $49,800

Toyota RAV4 EV image

The new Toyota RAV4 EV will save drivers from spending cash at the pump, but that efficiency won’t come cheap. Toyota’s new electric vehicle will feature a price tag of $49,800. Despite the lofty price and unconventional powertrain, Toyota promises it won’t compromise on performance, comfort or versatility.

Toyota’s electrified RAV4 boasts a range of 100 miles and is capable of recharging from empty in just six hours when using a 240V/40A charger. Charging performance is also complemented by decent on-road performance. The front wheel drive EV allows drivers to select from two distinctly different drive modes, Sport and Normal. In Sport mode, the vehicle reaches 0-60 mph in just 7.0 seconds and has a maximum speed of 100 mph. Normal mode achieves 0-60 mph in 8.6 seconds with a maximum speed of 85 mph.

“It’s all about blending the best of two worlds,” said Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota division. “The all-new RAV4 EV marries the efficiency of an EV with the versatility of a small SUV – in fact, it is the only all- electric SUV on the market.”

Other niceties include an eight-inch capacitive touch screen with a state of the art graphic display, featuring navigation, telematics, and EV drive information and settings designed specifically for the RAV4 EV. Toyota’s Entune infotainment system is standard.

Infusing the Toyota with an all-electric powertain didn’t take-away from the RAV4’s utility.  The split reclining rear seats with folding center arm rest fold flat for increased cargo space, with a total cargo capacity equivalent to the conventional RAV4 of 73 cu. ft. Toyota says that no interior space was lost in due to Tesla Motors-sourced EV components.

The RAV4 EV will arrive in showrooms in late summer 2012, at first through select dealers only. Consumers in four major California metropolitan markets including Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles/Orange County and San Diego will be able to get their hands on them first. Toyota plans to sell approximately 2,600 units over the next three years.

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