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Tokyo Preview: Honda S660 Concept Hints at an Upcoming Production Roadster

Honda S660 Concept

While some may have felt that the Honda CR-Z fell short on performance, the automaker hasn’t given up on satisfying enthusiasts. Not only is the Acura NSX on its way, but Honda will be powering McLaren’s Formula 1 cars next year. Additionally, Honda will show a small sports car next month that’s sure to excite sports car purists.

The Honda S660 Concept hints at a roadster that could be launched in Japan sometime in 2014. This pint-sized drop-top sports car is similar to the EV-STER concept shown two years ago in Tokyo, and that subsequently made the rounds on the auto show circuit.

Honda S660 Concept interior

Extremely lightweight, the S660 Concept boasts a 67-horsepower turbocharged three-cylinder engine that sends power to the front wheels. Although full specs haven’t been released, Honda has said it weighs less than 2,000 pounds.

The interior boasts plenty of carbon-fiber accents, showing Honda’s goal of reducing weight. While initial specs aren’t overwhelming on paper, such a small, lightweight roadster is sure to offer some lively handling characteristics.

Honda S660 Concept rear

It’s unclear whether a production vehicle will make its way to the U.S. If so, Honda will need to do a fair share of tweaking—like adding a roof for starters. But there’s still hope since the very similar EV-STER concept did receive plenty of attention from auto show attendees here in the U.S.

We should get a clearer picture of the Honda S660 when makes its official debut at the Tokyo Auto Show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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