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Samurai Spirit Still Alive for Nissan Motorsports

Super GT NIssan GT-R image

With winter coming to an end, Japan’s Super GT racing season is about to begin. Nissan’s NISMO division has already begun preparing its cars, drivers, and engineers for the challenges ahead.

But while hard work is crucial, they realize that a bit of luck is also necessary to be successful in racing. That’s why NISMO invoke the spirt of the samurai to help guide their impending campaign. They perform the same rituals that were performed long ago when warriors would head into battle.

“At that time just before [samurai] went into battle they wished and prayed for the safety of all the people and winning,” said NISMO’s president Shoichi Miyatani. “This is a good opportunity for all the employees of NISMO and the team directors and drivers to get together and feel united as one, and go for the winning.”

Last year, Ronnie Quintarelli and his co-driver Masataka Yanagida won the championship, their second successive victory, in the S Road REITO MOLA GT-R. This year, NISMO is committed to continuing that momentum. Despite a long layoff, drivers are eager to hit the track and take their GT-Rs to victory.

“I’m excited,” said J.P. de Oliveira, who will be racing in the Calsonic Impul GT-R. “We haven’t raced in a while. I love to race. Testing is one thing but racing is when things get really serious, and you need to focus on the result. I’ve been looking forward for the first race. Okayama is a track that I like and I can’t wait to get in the car and do the qualifying and the race there.”

A few moments after pouring sake on the hood of the No. 23 NISMO Works GT-R, NISMO drivers and engineers cleaned the car and loaded it onto a truck. It’s now ready to be shipped to Okayama where the first race of the Super GT season will get underway.

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