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Report: Low Cost Jaguars to Debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show

2013 Jaguar F-Type image

Jaguar has long been the epitome of luxury and prestige. But that may soon change as the legendary British brand is looking to appeal to the masses with less expensive models.

Sources inside Jaguar reveal that the companies are looking to build lower cost luxury vehicles beginning in 2015. The move is aimed at copying the recent success at Land Rover, who has seen steady demand for its smallest Range Rover model, the new Evoque.

Compact sedans and crossovers are incredibility lucrative segments globally, and Jaguar hopes to capitalize on the success of those segments with its upcoming products. Reports suggest Jaguar will reveal its plans for lower cost vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

“It’s a logical idea to use the momentum from Land Rover and expand the Jaguar range,” said IHS Automotive research director Christoph Stürmer in a recent interview with Reuters. “Jaguar is less than half the size of Land Rover so they need to do something, plus investors will like a move downscale.”

At the moment, Jaguar is best known for its large sedan and sports cars. But it’s looking to become a competitive player in the entry-level luxury market, where BMW and Mercedes-Benz are dominant.

Jaguar’s parent company, Tata Motors, is also keen on meeting the growing demand for luxury cars in emerging markets. That’s where a new family of more affordable Jags will become especially helpful for the company’s growth.

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