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Nissan Unveils Google Glass Inspired Personal HUD

Nissan 3E Google Glass

Wearable technology is all the rage these days and Nissan is keen on staying on top of the trend. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan showed off its Nismo Watch concept, which would help connect drivers and their car. The automaker is continuing the exercise with the 3E, a personal head-up display that you could say is inspired by Google Glass.

At this point there are few details available surrounding the 3E, but its fairly safe to say it’s strictly conceptual at this point. Nissan has released some video footage of the device, but has yet to release specs or any commitment in making it a reality.

Based on the video released by Nissan, the 3E device would project vehicle telemetry and navigation data onto a screen in view of the driver’s left eye. The hardware itself mainly takes up the left side of the wearer’s head.

More details should become available within a week or so, as Nissan will official veil the device at the Tokyo Motor Show. If it’s anything like the aforementioned Nismo Watch, chances are it will be a great conversation piece, albeit highly, highly conceptual.

With the 3E being shown alongside the BladeGlider Concept, it’s clear that Nissan intends to dominate the buzz at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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