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Nissan Leaf the First EV Available Nationwide

2012 Nissan Leaf image

Year by year the all-electric vehicle market is getting increasingly crowded. However, the Nissan Leaf to raise the bar over its competitors. The EV is now officially the first electric car to be available for order in all U.S. markets.

Nissan’s latest launch phase for the Leaf will bring the car to 21 new states. On March 1, reservation holders in the these states received emails from Nissan inviting them to engage in the ordering process for the 2012 Leaf. Deliveries will start taking place in these new markets by summer.

“More than 22,000 Leafs are on the roads globally, having driven more than 30 million miles,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing, NNA. “There is no longer any doubt that a 100-percent electric, zero-emissions vehicle fulfills the needs and desires of drivers from around the globe. Nationwide availability of the Nissan Leaf means that now, anyone in the country can opt for a transportation solution that does not harm the environment, provides a pathway to energy independence, and doesn’t use a single drop of gas.”

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