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Nissan Leaf Now the Most Affordable 5-Seat EV

2013 Nissan Leaf image

Nissan has announced a massive price drop on its all-electric Leaf, making it the most affordable five-passenger electric vehicle on the market in the U.S. Last year’s base model featured a starting price of $35,200. The 2013 Nissan Leaf S will now be available for just $28,800.

Part of the price drop comes from the introduction of a new low-end trim. But it’s also due to the Leaf’s production moving from Japan to Tennessee. Not only will the Leaf be assembled here in the U.S., but its lithium-ion batteries will also be home grown.

While the aforementioned Leaf S can be had for under $30K, the mid-range Leaf SV will be priced from $31,820, while the range-topping SL will now start at $34,840. Despite across-the-board price drops, not much has changed between the 2012 Nissan Leaf and the new 2013 model. The biggest update is a new 6.6-kWh charger that allows for speedier charging.

Note that all 2013 Nissan Leafs still qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit in addition to state and local incentives.

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