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Nissan Eyes Opportunity in Desolate Truck Market

2012 Nissan Frontier image

There hasn’t been too much news concerning the compact pickup segment lately. The biggest news may have been Ford’s decision to pull the plug on its Ranger pickup. But now that the Ranger is out of the way, Nissan has spotted a huge opportunity.

“We’re really the beneficiary of Ford pulling out of the segment,” says Al Castignetti, Nissan Division’s U.S. sales chief.

Ford sold 70,000 units of the archaic, and now-discontinued, Ranger pickup last year. In order to fill that gap, Nissan is ramping up an ad campaign to help bring greater attention to its truck lineup. While advertising can certainly help the situation, its unfortunately never a guarantee for additional sales.

Still, Nissan is confident it can not only revive the Frontier’s sales, but also revive the slow-selling full-size Titan pickup. At the Detroit Auto Show last week, Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn confirmed that a next-generation Titan pickup is on its way, saying “We are going to replace it. We are going to present in every segment in the market in the United States.” With an opportunity present, Nissan execs truly believe that the time may be right to put more emphasis on their trucks.

“We’ve got our dealers reinvigorated on the truck and got our marketing out there,” said Castignetti recently. “We’re having great success with it.”

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