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Mitsubishi Brings EVs, Safety Cars to Pikes Peak

Mitsubishi Pikes Peak Safety Cars image

Not only will Mitsubishi be competing in the upcoming Pikes Peak Hill Climb event, but it will also help keep event safe as its completely redesigned 2014 Outlander crossover will be the “Official Safety Vehicle.”

As the Presenting Sponsor at the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Mitsubishi is eager to showcase all of its latest innovations.  The all-new Outlander is brimming with safety features, making it a fitting choice for the event’s safety vehicle. Among these features are Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Mitigation.

In addition to the Outlander, Mitsubishi will be bringing its beloved Lancer Evolution high-performance sports sedan to serve as a supplemental safety vehicle. Both the Evo and the Outlander were built specifically for the race with support coming from AEM, BBS USA, Cobb Tuning, DC Sports, Kenwood USA Corporation, and Muellerized Suspension Tuning.

For the competition, Mitsubishi will bring two of its all-electric MiEV Evolution II racecars. Last year, the automaker brought its innovative i-MiEV Evolution racer to the event, which featured the identical electric motors and lithium-ion battery cells found in the 100% electric-powered Mitsubishi i-MiEV production vehicle. After scoring a second-place finish, it was certain that Mitsubishi’s first foray into the Pikes Peak Hill Climb wouldn’t be its last.

Held in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the challenging Pikes Peak International Hill Climb features a unique road course that is 12.42 miles in length with 156 corners, commencing at an elevation of 9,390 feet and finishing at 14,110 feet – nearly three miles above sea level. It’s also the second oldest motor race in the United States after the Indianapolis 500. The 91st running of the event will take place June 30, with Mitsubishi taking center stage.

Mitsubishi Pikes Peak Outlander image
Mitsubishi Pikes Peak Outlander image
Mitsubishi Pikes Peak Outlander image

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