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MINI Scooter E Concept

Posted on 09.24.2010 10:30

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The scooter war in Paris is now on. Okay, we’re just making it up, but it is a little curious that days after Smart revealed their ’E-Scooter’ concept, another brand went ahead and released the first official photos of their own Paris-bound electric scooter.

To outdo Smart and its e-scooter, BMW has bared their plans of bringing three of its lithium-ion battery-powered MINI Scooter E Concepts to the Paris Motor Show. Take that, Smart!

As a sign of what the future holds for the scooter market, the MINI Scooter E Concepts will be featured with the latest smart technology, including the utilization of smartphones that can be used to do a plethora of tasks, not the least of which include a navigational system function.

The three MINI Scooter E Concepts will come in three unique colors, including one that will bear the same finish as that of the MINI E electric car. Meanwhile, the other two Scooter E Concepts will come in the colors of the UK Mod subculture while the other one will be colored with the British Racing Green finish-brown leather seat combination.

That’s about all of the information we have of the MINI Scooter E Concepts, but expect more information about these scooters when the doors of the Paris Motor Show officially open next week.

MINI Scooter E Concept originally appeared on on Friday, 24 September 2010 10:30 EST.

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