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Mazda Can’t Keep Up With Rising Sales

2014 Mazda3

Auto sales are on the rise and many automakers are being rewarded after years of uncertainly. Unfortunately, that’s creating problems for Mazda as it struggles to deliver the fresh new models that car buyers are clamoring for.

Last year, Mazda’s sales spiked a staggering 26.4 percent. This year, sales continue to increase but at a much slower pace. That’s because the automaker has been struggling to deliver vehicles to its U.S. dealers.

Despite production issues, Mazda anticipates sales to be much greater in the final quarter of this year. That’s because the all-new 2014 Mazda3 is due to hit showrooms. According to, the Mazda3 accounts for 40 percent of the automaker’s total sales. With the new model arriving, and with a new Mazda plant opening in spring 2014, the new Mazda3 should be a helpful addition to the automaker’s lineup.

Still, even while the newly redesigned Mazda3 is trickling into showrooms, dealers continue to enjoy having the all-new CX-5 crossover on hand. The Mazda6 is also faring well in a highly competitive segment. Sales of the latter rose 167 percent in August.

As these new models are rolling in, Mazda is also focusing its marketing efforts around new Skyactiv powertrain technologies, which is now at the core of every new Mazda. Once production starts to flow a little easier next year, Mazda’s fresh lineup and innovative technologies should be a winning formula to help garner the sales it’s so desperately aiming to achieve.

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