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Lexus Puts the HS 250h Out of Its Misery

Lexus HS 250h image

You can’t fault Lexus for trying, but the brand’s first attempt at a high-mileage compact luxury hybrid just didn’t work. Lexus will officially end product of its HS 250h due to abysmal sales.

Production on the HS 250h ceased back in January and subsequent slow sales led Toyota to finally discontinue the vehicle all together. After selling 10,663 units in 2010–still well below initial projections–HS sales dropped a staggering 73-percent to just 2,864 in 2011.

Bland styling may not be a huge deterrent for the Toyota-branded Prius, but luxury car buyers clearly wanted a vehicle that was just a little more exciting. That led to the creation of the Lexus CT 200h. Although not quite as efficient as the HS, the CT 200h offered the youthful, sporty character that was lacking in the HS.

Despite having one less hybrid in the lineup, luxury buyers aren’t going to be hurting for hybrids. Lexus continues to sell the aforementioned CT 200h as well as the ES 300h, not to mention RX, GS, and LS hybrids.

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