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Is Nissan Preparing to Revive the Datsun Brand?

Datsun logo imageSome rumors tend to come and go while others seem to linger, providing some bit of legitimacy. One such rumor surrounds Nissan and the long-defunct Datsun brand. According to Japan’s Nikkei news service, the Japanese automaker is getting ready to launch a low-cost brand using the Datsun moniker.

If the rumored revival comes to fruition, the Datsun brand likely won’t come to the U.S. Instead, the brand will be used in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, with a lineup of vehicles priced in the $6,000 USD range.

In recent years, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has been eager to become more competitive in emerging markets, such as China, Brazil, India and Russia. Use of the Datsun brand in some markets could be a good strategy to allow the Nissan to cater to up-market consumers.

The name “Datson” was created in 1931 and was later changed to “Datsun,” since “son” can be translated to mean “loss” in Japanese. The parent company eventually became part of what is known as Nissan today.

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