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Honda to Bring Earth Dreams Tech to the Civic

2013 Honda Accord Earth Dreams engine

Honda has always been synonymous with small cars, and execs at the automaker hope to maintain that perception. Despite recent sales gains in pickups and crossovers, Honda executive vice president Tetsuo Iwamura says that the company will continue to focus on small cars and strong fuel economy.

Honda’s Earth Dreams direct-injection gasoline engines have already satisfied consumers of the completely redesigned 2013 Accord. Now, these engines will find their way into the Civic to provide improved mileage, even despite diminishing concerns over fuel economy.

“Gasoline prices are stabilizing in the mid-$3-a-gallon range, and Detroit is selling quite a few pickups,” Iwamura said. “Yet while the average person sees those numbers, their income hasn’t risen that much. It’s wrong to say Americans don’t care about fuel economy. They care.”

Launched in November 2011, Honda’s Earth Dreams initiative is a suite of technologies that include four new gasoline engines with direct injection and double-overhead cams, a turbocharged diesel engine, three redesigned continuously variable transmissions and three new gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains.

While the beloved Accord has already been bestowed with this new tech, Earth Dreams an Earth Dreams engine has yet to be installed in the smaller, higher volume Civic. Considering the Civic has plenty of fresh competition to contend with, such as the all-new and more aggressive Toyota Corolla, a new powerplant would seem like an appropriate upgrade.

Unfortunately, Iwamura told Automotive News that the new engines won’t be added to the Civic until a complete redesign—which means consumers won’t see an Eath Dreams-powered Civic until 2015.

“We’ll be doing it for the Civic. The Civic has to evolve,” added Iwamura. “But we have to consider what timing works best.”

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