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Honda Makes $250 Million Investment in ‘Earth Dreams’ Engines

Honda Earth Dreams engine image

Honda’s newest crop of engines, dubbed “Earth Dreams“, are starting to trickle into the lineup. But to expedite the engine’s arrival, Honda is making a $215 million investment in a pair of its Ohio facilities, bringing its total cost for North American operations up to $2.7 billion in the three years.

The bulk of that sum, $180 million to be exact, will go toward Honda’s Anna, OH engine plant. That facility is responsible for producing Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology engines, which are already in the all-new 2013 Accord and will soon be available in the Civic. The facility will also be getting a new technical center to train engineers, techs, and line workers on powertrain technology.

“For the 21st century of manufacturing, we believe our success will be defined by the successful interaction between our associates and technology,” said Rick Schostek, senior vice president of Honda North America, Inc. “Even as we introduce more sophisticated technologies in our products and in our plants, we are working to ensure that our associates are equipped with the skills required for the manufacturing requirements of the future. We view this investment in Honda people as critical to our future success.”

Unlike Mazda’s SkyActiv suite of technologies, Earth Dreams encompasses engines alone and doesn’t include transmissions or other components.  However, recent investments in Honda’s Ohio-based facilities have helped introduce new direct injection engines and localize production of advanced pulley components for continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

In addition, Honda will use the remaining $35 million for the construction on a new 160,000-square-foot building near its existing operations in Marysville. The new building will house a training facility, a heritage center and office space.

“We’re excited to highlight our more than 30-year history of manufacturing in North America,” Schostek added. “The new Honda facility in Marysville represents an important link between our past achievements and our increasing responsibilities in the future that require advanced production skills and technologies.”

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