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Consumer Reports: 2014 Infiniti Q50, Lexus IS Both Miss the Mark

2014 Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 and the Lexus IS are two of the hottest sport sedans around. Both models are all-new, and have been developed to take on the best that the Germans have to offer. And while reviews of both models have to this point been favorable, Consumer Reports wasn’t completely smitten with either model.

Following CR’s recent evaluation, both the Q50 and IS250 were unable to net the publication’s elusive “Recommended” rating during their first year on the market. Adding insult to injury, these new models trailed the competition in a comparison test, with the BMW 328i, Mercedes-Benz C250, Lincoln MKZ and Volvo S60 T5 receiving more favorable reactions.

Things weren’t all bad of course, as the CR testers said the Infiniti Q50 was actually “very good.” But it was criticized for falling short in the sportiness category, as it failed to live up to the sedan it will be replacing, the G37. They also claimed that handling was “mundane” and that “interior quality is nothing special.”

2014 Lexus IS 250The all-new Lexus IS received a similarly harsh reaction.  Consumer Reports‘ testers found the Lexus IS250 to be neither sporty nor luxurious. It featured vague-feeling steering, ample road noise, and a ride that is neither plush nor tied-down. Infotainment features are now controlled with a mouse-like dial, similar to other models in the Lexus lineup, but testers felt the operation was fussy and distracting.

While both models failed to reach the coveted “Recommended” status, the Q50 fared slighter better than the IS250. It’s possible for both models to improve once they’re old enough to produce reliability data. To be “Recommended,” a vehicle must perform well in CR‘s battery of tests, have average or better reliability in CR‘s Annual Auto Survey and perform well in government and industry crash tests.

The results are brutal, but chances are consumers will still be drawn to these new offerings. For more details information on these models, and CR’s unique take on how they perform, visit

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