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BMW M3 E92 by IND Distribution

Posted on 01.19.2011 20:00

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We’ve seen cars get tuned up and fall way short of expectations way too many times. Maybe it’s a case of tuning firms biting off more than they can chew, but the results nevertheless remain short of what they should be.

Tuning firm, IND Distribution, knows this all too well, having been in the business for as long as we can remember. Their years in the aftermarket business has given them the expertise to not make the same mistakes other companies have made. So when a man named Martin D. asked them to turn his BMW M3 E92 into a machine beyond any descriptions, IND Distribution jumped at the opportunity to do so.

The result, as you can plainly see, is a BMW M3 E92 that has been tuned so extensively it seems that descriptions can’t do justice to the work done on it. The whole package includes an extensive list of upgrades, modifications, and new parts, all of which were combined to the ultimate tuned-up BMW M3 E92.

And we’re not even exaggerating.

Details on the BMW M3 E92 by IND Distribution after the jump.

BMW M3 E92 by IND Distribution originally appeared on on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 20:00 EST.

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