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2013 Volvo V40 Won’t Make it to the U.S. After All

2013 Volvo V40 image

The all-new Volvo V40 is the kind of wagon we wish all wagons would be. Sure, the 2013 V40 is safe and versatile, but its sleek sheet metal is also easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, Volvo has confirmed that it will not be making it to the U.S.

Geno Effler, who’s responsible for Volvo’s public relations here in the U.S., confirmed that “the V40 is not coming to the United States.” As reportedly earlier, we originally believed that the new V40 would also be the basis for a C30 replacement as well as a S40 replacement. However, it appears that the new model is yet another stylish Euro hatchback we’ll lust after, but won’t be able to get our hands on.

In addition to boasting the usual slew of safety innovations like Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake and a world-first pedestrian airbag, the V40 will also available with a range of powerplants delivering up to 254 horsepower, braking energy regeneration, and choice of manual or automatic gearbox.

While this new model won’t be made available to American buyers, you can still find on the details on this vehicle via the press release below.

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