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Rendering: Lamborghini’s Future Lineup in Pictures

Posted on 07.18.2011 19:00 by Alexander Filed under: Lamborghini | coupe | sedan | convertible | suv | Spy Shots and Rendering | Supercars / Exotic cars | crossover | Lamborghini LM | sports cars | future cars | Lamborghini Estoque | Lamborghini Aventador | Lamborghini Sesto | Lamborghini Cabrera | Cars | […]

HSV SV Black Edition

Posted on 07.1.2011 19:00 by Simona Filed under: Holden | sedan | sports cars | special editions | Australia | Cars | Car Reviews | Holden

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has unveiled the special edition “SV Black Edition” based on either ClubSport R8, ClubSport Tourer R8, or Maloo R8 models at […]

Lotus drops plans for Elan; Moves forward with other models

Posted on 05.18.2011 19:00 by Simona Filed under: Lotus | coupe | industry news | sports cars | Lotus Exige | Lotus Elise | future cars | Lotus Esprit | cool fast cars | Lotus Evora | Lotus Elite | Lotus Elan | Cars | Car News

At the 2010 Paris […]

BMW M3 Lightweight Concept

Posted on 04.1.2011 20:00 by Simona Filed under: BMW | sedan | concept cars | sports cars | BMW M3 | Cars | Car Reviews | BMW

BMW is rolling out the special editions today, and just because some or all of them may just be the butt end of a […]

Jaguar XFR S-C Exclusive Package

Posted on 02.11.2011 21:00 by Simona Filed under: Jaguar | sedan | Geneva Motor Show | sports cars | Jaguar XF | special editions | 2011 | Cars | Car Reviews | Jaguar

It seems that Jaguar is bringing its own little treat to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in the […]

Sesto Elemento concept to be introduced in “Lamborghini”

The Sesto Elemento is an extreme light weight that is available in carbon fire in order to provide sensational performance and handling. The excellent concept is to be introduced in the ‘Lamborghini” model, the sixth element available with two seater. The Lamborghini was been debuted at the Paris Motor Show held in 2010. The Sesto […]

Mercedes C55 AMG Coupe

Posted on 02.1.2011 21:00 by Simona Filed under: AMG Mercedes | coupe | sports cars | Mercedes C-Class | future cars | Cars | Car Reviews | Mercedes

While Mercedes was busy revealing the official details on the C63 AMG sedan, its testing engineers were pretty busy working on the C55 […]

Ferrari 458 Italia

Posted on 12.27.2010 21:00 by Simona Filed under: Ferrari | 2009 | coupe | Frankfurt Auto Show | sports cars | Ferrari 458 | Cars | Car Reviews | Ferrari

Stop the press! Ferrari has officially unveiled the 458 Italia, the long awaited successor for the mid-engine Ferrari F430, and the […]