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Toyota Celica for sale – I am game for it

When I recently came upon an ad in the newspaper saying that used Toyota Celica for sale, nostalgic memories surrounded me. This was because, the car was always a part of my childhood, since, I had used always played with a Toyota Celica model. This used Toyota Celica for sale erupted all those playful moments and how I often told my parents that one day when I would become big, I would buy this very car.

The ad definitely made me do some research on Toyota Celicas in general. Now, I know that this model isn’t in production any longer and so wikipedia and other related material did help me. What is commendable is that Toyota continued with the same design as the original one with minor alterations for 38 long years. Who says that Toyota makes bland and boring cars, need to take a look at the Toyota Celica’s design. It was Toyota’s entry-level sport coupe. Starting from the beginning, the car was offered in a 1.8 liter engine trim and this continued till the end. Its engine power was the only thing that changed during all these times. It is said that the best time that the car enjoyed was during its dying years. It saw a roomier cabin along with one of the best engine iterations in its life span.

Now, I am not sure which model, the Toyota Celica for sale was however I was hoping it to be the last one in the product life cycle. Those models had a light chassis, improved handling and a new 1.8 liter engine with VVT-I technology. The engine made 180 hp of power and 160 pound feet of torque whereas the other bog standard engine made 140 Hp and 126 pound feet of torque. Transmission for both the engines were a 4 speed manual or a laggard 4 speed automatic. The higher specced engine had the disc brakes all around coupled with EBD and ABS. There was also a better upgraded JBL speaker system with 16 inch flashy alloy wheels, cruise control and all power goodies thrown in for good measure. Unlike the current Toyota lifeless steering systems, the ones on the Celica were quite responsive and made the car fun to toss around. The suspension was a tad firmer though not hampering too much of the ride quality. The interiors though were cheap looking with not the best of plastics used and also poor rearward visibility. Ergonomically, the seats also weren’t quite good and not one for suitable long drives. The earlier ones were more of the cumbersome sports coupe types and best avoided. They also made quite sedate power figures. The less said about the interiors of those, it was better. The only other engine offered in the Toyota Celica was the 2.0 liter turbo charged engine which made 200 HP and was offered in all wheel drive mode only. It achieved the 0-60 mph run in only 6.8 seconds.

Enough of information and I am on my way to check out the Toyota Celica for sale. Will keep you updated about which model and how it went on.

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