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Take a look on top five “Family Luxury Sedan”

Everyone loves to travel in luxurious cars that are wrapped with all advanced and enhanced features and hence it becomes essential to check out the perfect models. You will come across many luxurious family sedans, but it is important to select the appropriate model that is been wrapped with essential mechanism. People usually forget that only the looks or appearance of the car does not provide you luxury, you need to be focus on their power and all handling capabilities as well.

Most of the family luxury sedans are powered with V 8 engines and hence they offer outstanding features and excellent handling capacities.  Today the expectations of the consumers are changing and hence the automakers are trying their best to come up with innovative ideas to satisfy the needs.  Our experts have find out some of the best and top five “Luxury Family Sedans” that are amazing while driving on any terrain roads.

Mercedes Benz E550 :

If this car is not mention in the list it would be not complete with out introducing the particular model that offers V8 engine with 5.5 L of fuel tank generating the 382hp and is been mated with seven speed automatic transmission. The car is available with 4 MATIC AWD in order to offer fuel economy of 23 mpg in just 0- 60 mph for 5.2 seconds.

Jaguar XF Premium :

Driving with this luxury family sedan is amazing as it offers purr of 5.0 L of fuel tank offering 385 hp along with V8 engines. The car is coded with driving luxurious for the passengers as well as the drives because of the excellent cargo space.

BMW M3 :

This again is tribute to be categorized in the Family Luxury sedan that offer an outstanding ride you would have never experience. The clutch of seven speed automatic is been mated with the 4.0 L, along with V8 engine generating torque level of 295.  This is the perfect luxury performance car that offers you the options in electronic damping control and M drive system.

Audi 6 :

The Audi 6 is perfect combination for the Family Luxury Sedan and Sport cars features all in one roof. The car offers six Triptonic automatic transmissions, 5.2 L FSI with V 10 engine and Quattro All wheel drive mechanism.

Infiniti M56 :

Another large Sedan Luxury car that is available with rear wheel drive offering tremendous space cabin for passengers as well as for the drivers. The Infiniti M56 offers 5.6L of fuel tank with V 8engine generating 429hp and is been mated at automatic transmission speed of eight. The car is also available with optional sport package with four wheel active steering mechanism.

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