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Nissan Micra – The new face of Nissan

Nissan Micra has a touch of innovativeness in it due to its manufacturing company’s expertise… Nissan is the motor manufacturing company which is famous worldwide for its high class production system and also for its high performance which is greatly reflected in its motors. Hence, if you want to buy a car which is smart, stylish, and comfortable that gives a distinctive performance then New Nissan Micra can prove to be the best option for this. We are not saying this as the car itself is making this statement which is reflected below where the specification and details of this specialized and unified motor is highlighted. In order to know about this motor in deep we will have to start from the top and also will have to cover the bottom for clear understanding of is concept vehicle.


This four seater minicar has created a blast with its highly boosted work performance where power is . The car of perfection where innovation is reflected at the greatest is another name of Nissan Micra. This is the car of today’s technology where the tool of cutting edge technology is been used at the greatest for giving the car a look of expertise in it. The combination of this technology serves this model with an exceptionally unified and advanced aspect. This motor is burgeoned with advanced features where the factors of safety and comfort in the drive are reflected at the top most position. The safety features which are mirrored here includes Dual Front Airbags, Antilock Brake system which is attached with electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), brake assist sensors, security alarms, and so on in this category are making a mark in this motor which allows it to stand at a distinct position. These factors are creating a statement and also are boosting the sales of this model in the auto market.

Differentiated Models:

There are total 4 sub-models under Nissan Micra which have some similar and some unified features in it. Those models are listed below with brief specification below.

Nissan Micra XE: The very first in the row is Base model where the basic features and functional tools are highlighted.

Nissan Micra XE-Plus: Variant shades of features are been fitted here which are more in numbers as compared to the baseline of Micra where some additions are done.

Nissan Micra XL: Not only some additions are done here but also many specifications are boosted in this model. Level of luxury is reflected here which is highly visible.

Nissan Micra XV: Top end variant of Micra where sophisticated and classy tools to provide greater comfort and luxury is been boosted in this model.

Engine and power:

There are two main variants in which this model is been built up in those are petrol and diesel engine, where the petrol variant of this mini car is boosted with 1.2 L, 1199cc engine which has a displacement of 5 speed manual transmission which offers mileage around 18.9 kmpl. The fuel economical nature of this motor is also been highlighted here due to which the proportion of emission of carbon dioxide is been decreased considerably.

This was the brief screening of Nissan Micra due which you may have got a clear idea about the same in deep. The thing which is making a highlight here is the fuel injection system of this unified motor of Nissan. Hence, Nissan is the bench marker of quality oriented cars which has performance and class factor in it at the greatest.

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