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Lamborghini Estoque – Available with Four Seats Sports car

The Lamborghini Estoque is a combination of awesome designs, exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding style. This model was first launched in Paris back 2008 and is considered as sports vehicle. The car is available with well powered engine which has all advanced technology with unique innovations and concepts are been introduced. It is first time in the history when Lamborghini has ever introduced the four doors sports car. I mean it’s a crazy piece of work by the company, hope that will bang the industries with full fledged. The concept used in the car is it appears that offers uncompromising, extreme and unmistakably facts, which all whole comes to conclusion as versatility in nature.

The four seats, ample amount of space for luggage and incredible designs, and that too all in one roof of the sports car, which is just perfect for the versatile lifestyle. The Lamborghini cars has built up amazing fleet for the sports sedan that offers powerful engines, opulent interiors and stunning designs. The Lamborghini Estoque is one of such model that boosts up powerful engine in order to receive top speed while driving an amazing ride. The Estoque comes with V12 petrol engine with 649cc that indicates quite impressive with this type of sports car.

The engine introduced in the car offers power 640 bhp, along with 8000 rpm and torque level for the 660 Nm at the rate of 6000rpm. The length of the Estoque is 5150 mm, whereas the width offers 1990 mm and the height is 1350 mm, The car can easily accodomate seating arrangement for the 4 individual easily and comfortably. A six speed manual transmission is been offered by the engine. The Estoque can pickup the maximum speed of 340 km/hr and rise up to in the range of 0 – 100 km/ hr and that too in just 3.9 seconds.

The engine of the Lamborghini Estoque is been placed near the front axle in order to ensure the maximum and optimum weight distribution. While driving on the low areas, the exotic look of the car is outstanding. The weigh of the ‘Kerb’ is 1665 kgs whereas the fuel tank can fill up to the limit of 100 L. Also, the car has tied up with the spring suspension which is been tuned to the system, as you must have seen in the Audi vehicles. The brakes associated with the car have the largest diameter than any other car that is available in the industry.

The mileage for the Lamborghini Estoque offers 2.50 km/L while driving in the city and on the highway the mileage is expected to the 4 km/L. The interior of the car reveals the awesome interiors that are been featured with Audi with LCD screen, dual zone climate controls, and tone grey or white leathered that covers most of the surface. The legroom and head room space are excellent, and also the entertainment system is quite impressive. The safety features includes seat belts, 8 airbags, electronic stability controls and traction controls. The car also includes anti lock brake system with the proper distribution of force on the wheels.

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