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Dodge Nitro Review and Specifications

The new face of power motor – Dodge Nitro! Neither because it is Dodge nor because it is Nitro, it’s just because it is ‘truck cum compact SUV nature of motor.’ As compared to the previous scenario of the auto market the demand and the importance of SUV’s has increased considerably due to which we have focused on the newly launched model of the same as we have provided with Dodge Nitro Review.

Nitro is a sub compact crossover which has all the capabilities of greater performing giant motor of auto market. This is a motor which has sporty car like features and appearance where as which is boosted with the truck like power and performance functions due to this a car drive with truck oriented work can be enjoyed at this place. We are not yet completed as this is the point where we have started. We will now focus on the Dodge Nitro Review part where a new styling segment is adopted for more ease and convenience of the visitors and readers.

DN performance:

The performance plays a lead role in the overall working of the motor. The stronger hauling and towing capacity of the master motor is incredibly good which even helps to provide greater level of comfort and safety in the drive on the highway roads. The off road drive is also smooth as compared to any other motor of the same category. The performance is divided into two – Acceleration and power. Dodge Nitro is usually available in four cylinder engines with V6 options. The standard engine with powerful 4.0-liter V6 and five-speed automatic is preferred highly over the 3.7-liter V6 and four speed automotive transmission. The engine experience can show that this is the best-in-class vehicle in the SUV category which has maximum of 5000 pound of towing capacity. The fuel economy is also making a mark in this motor. The 2WD model which is powered with 3.7 liter engine provides 16 mpg at city and 22 mpg on highway roads where as the 4.0 liter engine provides with 16 mpg at city roads and 21 mpg on the highways. The 2011 DN is designed with Interactive Decal Fuel Shut Off system which is powered to save greater amount of fuel as it helps to shut off gasoline supply during acceleration.

DN in and out:

The boxy styling is the most important factor which consists of greater proportion to grab the attention of the market forces. It is a fact that the designing is not so pleasing and stylish but its unique decorative aspect has created a statement. The distinctive feature where the square box is making a statement also creates a blast as far as the exterior is concerned. When the question of quality and durability comes then buying this vehicle will prove to be the right choice. The innovative features, utility factors and the storage capacity is also outstanding where the space and speed walk hand in hand in turn which offers greater level of convenience in the drive. An easy to handle vehicle where the user friendly desk of the driver is so appealing which makes a mark of perfection and simplification.

DN safety:

Dodge Nitro is a classic vehicle which comes under the category of compact SUV. The factor of safety and comfort is greatly reflected in this model of SUV provided by the branded manufacturing company to the auto market. For safety factor which is most important in driving this motor is engineered with advanced technology. The anti lock brakes, multistage front air bags and so on are also adding a special fuctional aspect in the list of safety features of this unique motor of Dodge.

Thus in this manner the Dodge Nitro Review which we have detailed above may have provided you with a clear and deep picture about this master motor of auto world.

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