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Cadillac Eldorado – A Quick look on Personal Luxury Car

Searching vehicles is one of the most toughest and critical step that most of the people goes through. If you are searching for your own personal luxurious car, then don’t overlook the Cadillac Eldorado model. The “Eldorado” is one of the essential body parts in the line up production of the Cadillac cars, which got introduced in the market from 1953 to 2002. It is one of the longest running cars in the American roads and hence called as “Personal Luxury Vehicle”, that got sold for the first time in the year 1999. The rivalries for the particular model are the Buick Riviera and Lincoln Mark Series.

The Cadillac Eldorado was almost on the top position because of the outstanding mechanical layout and body style that got varied as the generation period changed. The models like Eldorado Brougham is to be expected one of the most expensive in the year 1957- 1960 with long wheel structure based on the Series 72 and that on limousines. The Cadillac newly introduced the car with slight in bigger version than the predecessor for the year 2002. Once again with frameless window glass, Northstar V8 engine that generated 295hp and 270hp with 4.9L of fuel tank and further created record heights for the same.

The Cadillac Eldorado for the rest continued with tapering sales and incremental changes and still the 2002 model is nevertheless still the same. The standard equipment was added in the year 1993 such as Passenger side airbag. The fresh look of the car was updated with side cladding, bumpers for front and rear, new grille, new upholstery, climate control system, larger analog cluster gauge and updated stereo faces.

In order to mark the end of the Eldorado’s the GM announced the 50th model to be on the same track for the year 2002. There were limited editions of the car with variants colors in white and red with three batches provided. Don Massey was one of the biggest dealers in selling the Cadillac Eldorado models in the United States and thus resides with its last production and further was sold to Nicola Bulgari. The production was further ended in the year 2002 on April 22 and hence was again rebuilt as the Chevrolet SSR.

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