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Audi A2 is making stunning comeback as Electric Car Concept

Audi has already given green light to the A2 model, which is ready to charge the fanatics by reviving legendary set and badge. The announcement of the Audi A2 created a hustle bustle which is going make its comeback in the store at Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The Audi surprised the buyer by claiming that Audi A2 is to be in the electric car concept.

The all new model is going to stand as the strong competitor against the rival to BMW who is going to introduce i3. The original Audi A2 was axed back in 2005 because of the cost cutting space frame chassis in aluminum. The new and fresh model will be available with impressive construction, but is expected to be expensive.  In order to justify and set in to premium features, the car is more conventional to A1 and A3 model along with impressive and innovative technical options. The Audi A2 is expected to be in MPV body style with highly flexible structure.

From the sources we discovered that, the Audi A2 will be an electric concept car. Even this car model is likely to be compromised on the architecture because of the battery storage area inside the cabin. It is expected that the A2 model will entirely depend on pure electric machine. The company also claims that in future, the A2 will stand alone in the family by introducing separate A2 electric models in the electric car concept. The firm recently bought offshore wind turbines in order to use A3s natural gas and hence they are going to use the same strategy in order to keep the production program as carbon neutral.

The model is going to be light in weight due to the aluminum structure covered body. The original Audi A2 was launched in 1999 that got axed due to the low sales and the employment of 1.2L version offering fuel consumption of 90mpg with the use of pioneering features as stop start technology.

The upcoming model is likely to get conventional 1.4L with four cylinder versions. It is expected that the new model will be available in the market till the end of 2015 with a spearhead in the Audi’s electric car drive.  Still four years to go in order to hit the market, but the promotional values from the Audi is on full swing and is ready to charge the space in the electric segment.

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