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1994 Mazda Protege – Name Of Perfection

Are you looking forward to buy an older version of luxury sedan car at cheaper rate which offers the same level of power and performance as compared to the new ones? Then what are you waiting for take a step forward towards a car which is reliable and roomy. Now there will not be any kind of hurdles and difficulties in getting an old version of luxury sedan as Mazda’s member of car family has stepped-in in the auto market. The name of perfection, The name of practicality, The name of performance and The name of sub compact is 1994 Mazda Protege. This is a sub compact version of luxury and sedan car which is built in such a ground which has all the capabilities of giving a power boosted performance in a stylish cab forward design. A car of comfort and a car of convenience is second name of the same, now your old car buying needs will come to an end. Four sedan vehicle version of Mazda is exceptionally good as far as its designing and developing process is concerned.

Protégé has a stylish and appearance factor in it, but this is not the ultimate factor for which the attention of the auto buyers is grabbed as the durability and flexibility is marking a mark here. 1994 mazda protege is neither too big nor too small car in size but is a car which is too big in performance. There are more versions of this model which are restructured in 1995 and 1999 but among all the versions the 1994 played a lead. A better yet best car of sub compact version which is good at P factor where R is also reflected at the greatest – the P signifies the performance, power and pride where as the R reflects the reliable and reasonable platform.

The redesigned and redefined engineering concept has created a superb balance as it provides with larger sized shoving and snuggling room than any other mid size car produced by any other branded manufacturer of the auto industry. Nice looking car which has stylish elegant of features and factors is as bigger as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Eagle Summit of that ear. Protégé is a class of compact cars which have given a classic and sophisticated statement of perfection.

Technical specifications of 1994 mazda protege is also remarking where the exceptional statement is made by the interior, exterior, transmission and fuel economy factor. All these factors are detailed in a systematic format in the chart which is highlighted below.

Interior Luggage capacity: 12.9 cu.ft
  Maximum seating: 5
Exterior Length: 171.5 in
Width: 65.2 in
Performance Base cylinders: 4
Max: 4000 rpm
Engine size: 1.5 liters
Fuel Economy Tank capacity 14.4
Mileage city and highway: 24 and 33 mpg
Manual city and highway: 348 mi and 478.2

When it was newly launched it grabbed the attention of huge number of people on larger ground but still today its used and old models are demanded in a greater manner as it is equipped with number of features and factors of flexibility and durability. Thus 1994 mazda protege is a name of perfection and performance which is wrapped in smaller package size.

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