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GM’s Road Not Taken: La Salle II Roadster

GM’s Road Not Taken: La Salle II RoadsterWhat could have been.

October 1954 Standing in a grungy old industrial building in Detroit, I had just been given a glimpse of a brilliant automotive future. Barely nineteen, I’d been probationally employed by General Motors for only a month or so when we newcomers in the Styling […]

The Deep Dive: New Luxury, Small Packages

The Deep Dive: New Luxury, Small PackagesGermans embrace small front-wheel-drive sedans.

Even as Americans embrace more expensive compact cars, they remain immune to the charms of the premium hatchbacks that sell so well in Europe. In the United States — and, just as important, in China — the sedan remains king. That’s why the German […]

Fuel Economy Numbers Gone Wild

Fuel Economy Numbers Gone WildYour mileage may vary.

It has been a tough couple of months for the window sticker. An EPA investigation found that Hyundai and Kia, the two automakers most responsible for making “40 mpg highway” an industry mantra, don’t hit that number at all. As of this writing, the agency may also […]

Land Rover Defender Goes Electric

It’s not often that automakers infused hardcore off-road vehicles with electric powertrains, but Land Rover is no ordinary automaker. For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the automaker has decided to show-off its latest technology, including a nine-speed ZF 9HP automatic transmission and a fleet of all-electric Land Rover Defender research vehicles.

In lieu […]