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Deep Dive: Porsche 960 Update

Deep Dive: Porsche 960 Update650-hp boxer eight for Ferrari fighter.

The Porsche 960, known internally as “FeFi” (for “Ferrari fighter”) is moving full speed ahead. We last reported that the car would employ a high-output flat six, but that engine, although frugal and light, was deemed insufficient for a vehicle that will likely cost as […]

Stroke of Madness

Stroke of MadnessIs the Power stroke diesel Bronco the best SUV that Ford never built?

I blame it all on the Icon FJ40. A few years back, my wife and I took a road trip through the Rockies in an achingly gorgeous 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser. That little four-by-four was fresh from an Icon overhaul, […]

Nissan Resonance Concept Hints at Next Murano, New Hybrid Tech

When the first generation Nissan Murano arrived in showrooms in 2004, it was a game-changer in crossover design and inspired imitators. Recently, Nissan’s design chief Shiro Nakamura promised that the design of the next-generation Murano design would be just as stunning as the original. Based on the automaker’s latest concept, Nakamura was telling […]

VW CrossBlue: The Fuel-Sipping SUV Americans Have Been Waiting For

American drivers certainly love their SUVs. But with gas prices steadily increasing, many consumers are pressed to find the value of all that added utility. However, the latest concept from Volkswagen should provide consumers considering an SUV with the right blend of utility and efficiency they seek.

VW’s CrossBlue is a plug-in concept […]

Nissan Leaf Now the Most Affordable 5-Seat EV

Nissan has announced a massive price drop on its all-electric Leaf, making it the most affordable five-passenger electric vehicle on the market in the U.S. Last year’s base model featured a starting price of $35,200. The 2013 Nissan Leaf S will now be available for just $28,800.

Part of the price drop comes […]

2012 Auto Sales

2012 Auto SalesThe comeback continues.

For the auto industry, 2012 was significantly better than 2011, which itself was a bounce back from 2010, which in turn saw carmakers pick themselves up off the floor, after having been KO’d in 2009. See a pattern here? The recovery continues, and in fact, is gaining steam.

Photo […]

Deep Dive: Audi’s 2017 R20 Supercar Plans Revealed

Deep Dive: Audi’s 2017 R20 Supercar Plans RevealedBeyond the R8, an ultimate halo car.

Bugatti has the Veyron. Bentley recently unveiled the Continental GT3. Lamborghini is laying the finishing touches on the Aventador Superveloce. Porsche will soon release the 918 Spyder. And what does Audi have? It was supposed to have the R8 e-tron, but […]

2013 Porsche Cayman and 1966 906: The Latest And The Greatest

2013 Porsche Cayman and 1966 906: The Latest And The GreatestMid-Engine Porsches, 47 years apart: the 1966 Carrera 6 meets the all-new Cayman S coupe.

Just as the Cayman, the Boxster, and the 911 share an increasingly flexible common DNA, the project 906 launched forty-seven years ago was closely related to the first-generation 911. The […]

Waldo Stakes: A Rocket Man Chases The Land Speed Record

Waldo Stakes: A Rocket Man Chases The Land Speed RecordSelf-taught land-speed-record designer Waldo Stakes hopes to use surplus Space-Race technology to break the sound barrier.

Most assaults on the land-speed record follow one of two templates. British efforts, from the Reid Railton-designed streamliner driven by John Cobb to the ThrustSSC that currently holds the record, […]

Vintage Japan Glam Machines

Vintage Japan Glam MachinesOnce dismissed as tin cans, old Japanese cars are becoming classics.

Although a mere 350 miles of California coastline and a few weeks separate mist-shrouded Pebble Beach from sunbaked Long Beach, the concours d’elegance that takes its name from the former would seem, to even the most casual observer, to be a […]