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Americans buy more fuel-efficient cars in February

As gasoline prices continue their relentless climb, consumers are reacting: Small cars were the hottest segment of auto sales last month.

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Saturday Drive: VWerks Red Jacket Jeep

Start off your weekend of motoring with a quick take on what’s grabbed our attention recently.

The car: VWerks Red Jacket Jeep

Happy Birthday, Justin! A look at Bieber’s $100,000 electric car

Justin Bieber turned 18 on Thursday and to celebrate, his manager surprised him with a Fisker Karma — a $100,000 electric car whose sporty physique belies its eco-friendliness.

GM to pause Chevy Volt production for 5 weeks

General Motors will temporarily lay off about 1,300 workers at its Detroit Hamtramck plant while it stops making Volts. GM has surplus Volts waiting to be sold, the automaker says.

Auto giant General Motors Co. is pausing production of its Chevrolet Volt and temporarily laying off about 1,300 employees because of slow sales of the […]

Fuel-efficient cars boost automakers’ February sales numbers

With gas prices rising and credit standards loosening, consumers give automakers their best February sales numbers since 2008.

Americans are buying cars at a faster rate than they have in four years as rising gas prices and easier-to-get financing are driving more buyers to dealership showrooms.


California bill would set guidelines for cars that drive themselves

California lawmakers are starting to get ready for a new automotive era, during which the first self-driving cars will hit the roads.

Auto experts give their picks for most beautiful cars ever

The vehicles chosen include the 1938 Talbot Lago T150 SS from France and two from Italy: the 1947 Cisitalia and the 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400.

Which are the most beautiful cars ever built?

Subaru ends Honda’s reign at top of Consumer Reports rankings

Consumer Reports crowns Subaru the best of 13 major automakers, and Honda falls to fourth place after four years at the top. Toyota models are ranked highest in five of 10 vehicle categories.

Subaru and Toyota were the big winners in the annual car ratings from Consumer Reports.


Fisker Automotive shakes up its management

Fisker Automotive Inc., the Anaheim developer of expensive, sporty plug-in hybrid cars, shook up its management Tuesday, naming an automotive industry veteran to replace co-founder Henrik Fisker as chief executive.

Saturday Drive: 2012 BMW 335i

Start off your weekend of motoring with a quick take on what’s grabbed our attention recently.

The car: 2012 BMW 335i