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BMW recalling 89,000 Mini brand cars over faulty water pumps

Nearly 89,000 Mini brand cars, including the Mini Cooper line of vehicles, are being recalled in the U.S. because of faulty water pumps that can malfunction and potentially cause engine compartment fires.

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Automakers plan to hire thousands of workers this year

The hiring binge comes as sales continue to rebound and firms increase the output of U.S. factories to avoid currency troubles overseas.

The U.S. auto industry plans to add thousands of jobs this year as sales continue to rebound and automakers look to produce more cars in the United States to sidestep currency woes overseas.


Next-Gen Nissan Pathfinder Goes Mainstream

Following in the footsteps of recent domestic SUVs, the all-new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder will ditch its current truck-based chassis in favor of a unibody platform. The result is expected to provide car-like handling and a smoother ride. An updated powertrain also promises to make the next-generation Pathfinder significantly more fuel-efficient.

While it may […]

Hyundai Infuses the Veloster With Turbo Power

Hyundai’s all-new Veloster offers buyers exciting styling and incredible value. Its sporty attitude also makes the three-door Veloster an attractive alternative to the Honda CR-Z, Scion tC, and the like. Sure, the Veloster’s 138-horsepower engine isn’t the most exhilarating, but it still offers some fun and a lot of MPG.

As the Veloster […]

Toyota Land Cruiser Gets More Standard Content

There are few nameplates that have a history quite as rich as the Toyota Land Cruiser. Although the current generation shares little in common with the original, today’s ultra-luxurious Land Cruiser is just as rugged and capable as ever.

While the Land Cruiser is far from being one of Toyota’s best-selling models (it’s […]

Volvo XC60 to ‘Plug-in’ At the Detroit Auto Show

Volvo isn’t known for hybrids — in fact, the brand doesn’t even offer one. But Volvo is working hard to remedy its lack of electrified offerings. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the Swedish automaker will show off its latest endeavor into hybrid tech, the Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept.

Based on the […]

Another Pair of Defender Concepts Land in India

At the recent Delhi Auto Expo, Land Rover decided to unveil two updated variants of the Defender DC100 Concept. This time around, the automaker ditched silver and bright yellow paint in favor of a tasteful “Firenze Red” color scheme for both the standard hardtop and the convertible “Sport” version.

Land Rover hopes to […]

The cheapest, and tiniest, Prius heading for Toyota showrooms

A new tiny Prius hybrid will reach Toyota showrooms this spring with the lowest price and highest fuel economy of any hybrid that can’t be plugged into a wall socket.

Automakers in a race for buyers of mid-size family cars

Ford, GM, Honda and Nissan are all rolling out revamped models this year, with added features and better gas mileage.

Shoppers looking for family passenger cars could be winners of a war breaking out in the auto industry.

Photos: Highlights of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

The 2012 automotive season started with a bang out of Detroit with the 2012 North American International Auto Show.