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Hard-Ball touring bike shows Victory’s dark side

Victory Motorcycles is tired of playing nice. For years, it’s lived in the shadow of Harley-Davidson, but with its new, ultra-dark Hard-Ball introduced Friday at the International Motorcycle Shows expo in Long Beach, the company that’s long been known as the other American cruiser maker is taking off the gloves.


Motorcycle show in Long Beach expects revved-up enthusiasm

Sales of new motorcycles plunged during the recession, but use of and interest in the bikes seem to have increased this year. The International Motorcycle Shows tour stops in Long Beach this weekend.

After several bumpy years, the motorcycle industry is hoping for smoother roads ahead as the International Motorcycle Shows tour rolls into Long […]

Wheelies and tire hops make ‘smagic’ in Smage Bros. stunt show

Phil Smage and his kid brother Pat will spend the better part of this weekend popping wheelies, jumping between obstacles and bunny-hopping the rear tires of their trials bikes over a friend, who’ll be lying prostate, trusting they won’t mess up. The Smage Bros., as they’re known, will be performing an all-new stunt show at […]

Car review: Chevrolet Sonic is a sound subcompact

The Chevrolet Sonic outshines its predecessor, the Aveo, and comes in hatchback and sedan styles. The sedan feels quieter and more refined than its spunkier sibling.

This may come as a surprise to some motorists, but Chevrolet, a brand celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, has only now figured out how to make a good […]

U.S. traffic deaths at 61-year low

Improved safety gear is credited for reduced fatalities in 2010 and the lowest rate of deaths per miles traveled in history. Deaths in crashes involving drunk drivers also drop.

Traffic deaths in 2010 fell to their lowest levels in more than 60 years, according to new data from the Department of Transportation.


Ford reinstates quarterly dividend

Ford cites making ‘tremendous progress in reducing debt and generating consistent positive earnings and cash flow’ and says the move reflects the board’s confidence in the automaker’s outlook.

Ford Motor Co. has reinstated its quarterly dividend after cutting the payment more than five years ago as it prepared to navigate a turbulent economy.


Triumph introduces bigger Tiger Explorer motorcycle


BMW will add scooters to its lineup in 2012

BMW has been striving to reconcile its dueling images for years. Best known for its luxurious, sport-oriented cars, the German manufacturer’s motorcycles are only beginning to shed their reputation as wheels for safety-conscious old men, thanks to exciting new bikes like the S 1000 RR and K 1600 LT.


Harley-Davidson’s 2012 Switchback is a convertible cruiser

New for 2012, the Switchback is Harley-Davidson’s version of a reversible jacket. It’s a cruiser that can be ridden to the Rock Store for a burger or across the country to Daytona.