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General Motors on road toward change, growth

Mark Reuss, president of General Motors’ North American operations, talks about the automaker’s recovery and where it is headed.

As president of General Motor’s North American operations, Mark Reuss has his hand on the automaker’s throttle. He decides what vehicles get built and where. He manages how many come out of the factories and the […]

How will Volkswagen sell 1 million cars a year in the U.S.?

Volkswagen Group of America CEO Jonathan Browning talks to The Times about sales growth, quality issues, competition and plans for the future.

Jonathan Browning, chief executive of Volkswagen Group of America, has tough marching orders from his German bosses back in Wolfsburg: Sell 1 million VWs and Audis annually in America by 2018.


Smart bumpers: Carmakers roll out features to prevent accidents

At this year’s L.A. Auto Show, carmakers are highlighting safety features that focus on preventing accidents rather than merely surviving them.

Jeremy Anwyl, chief executive of Edmunds Inc., said the additional features were needed to act on the safety warnings when a driver fails to do so.

“I think they are too easy to ignore,” […]

Nintendo brings life-size Mario karts to L.A. Auto Show

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld video game system features glasses-free 3-D screens that allow images to appear as if they’re jumping off the display.

L.A. Auto Show draws serious buyers looking for new cars

With the economy appearing to be on the rebound, many are researching a replacement for their aging vehicles rather than just looking to be entertained by cool cars.

After two years of pushing off buying a car, Michael Kennedy says he’s ready to take the plunge.


Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 debuts, aims 580-hp at Ford’s Shelby GT500

Chevrolet’s most powerful convertible, surprisingly, doesn’t wear a Corvette badge.

Auto show haute couture; more models donning car-inspired designer duds

Shiny new cars might be the main attraction at the L.A. Auto Show as it opens to the public on Friday, but it’s the women presenters — many of them clad in designer dresses this year — who may steal the show.


Amazons New Auto Parts Threaten Competition

Amazon now offers some of the best deals on car and truck parts, both new and used. The prices are better than any where else on the net. Amazon’s easy, safe checkout make it the obvious choice. Check for your make and model and see: Widgets